Tips for Small Businesses to Drive Traffic to Their Website

Nowadays it is very difficult for small business to rank top in SERP listing, day by day Search engine giant like Google is updating its algorithm to serve the best result to its user. This causes businesses a lot of efforts to be in the competition at SERP from an SEO perspective.

There are some ways which can be helpful for your business to survive in market, which are following:-

Content: – Search engines nowadays give a lot priority to content, Adding original and interesting information regularly to your website shows that you are working hard to be in the business. Therefore search engines keep an eye on your website and give it a higher rank based on your unique content.

Keywords and Keyphrases: – Keywords and key phrases must be relevant to your niche. You need to anticipate what users are searching for on search engines, according to user query & your product/business you need to choose keywords. This work should be done carefully. After that, you need to use the keywords in ‘title tag’ and ‘head tag’ to attract the reader as well as search engine. Best practice according to SEO Company for choosing a keyword is to think like a customer then decides about keywords.

Links:-  If users find your site easy to use, informative and sharable then they might want to share it to their website, blog & social media profile, this increases the back link of your website. This factor helps in deciding page rank for your website by search engine. The more your site gets “recommended” the higher it will go at SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You can also use other methods like social book marking, article submission, web directory submission etc to build back links, but this requires a bit of time and human efforts which a small business might not have.

Social Media: – You may have been already using these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on personal level for sharing your personal views, photos & videos with family and friends. You can also use these websites to promote your brand, business, blog, website; these platforms are really amazing which can make your post viral. Adding a like button & share button to your website or blog creates a back link, along with this it makes it very easy for user to like & share your content.

Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

Here is a list of most popular social media websites in the world:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • MySpace
  • Pinterest
  • LiveJournal
  • StumbleUpon

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