Google Alerts

Include Google Alerts In Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Google Alerts is a powerful tool available for free but it is often ignored. This tool monitors the internet for words and phrases and sends you an e-mail or updates an RSS feed every time it finds a new result. Not many people have utilized this tool to maximize the outcome; if you include this tool in your digital marketing campaign it can benefit your business  a lot.

Google Alerts

How powerful a simple and free tool like Google Alerts can be, you will be astonished when you get to know it. So let’s talk about how we can utilize this tool.

Brand Supervision
Creating an alert for your brand name will notify you by sending an email which will tell you every time when and where your brand/business has been mentioned or discussed.

Content Supervision
If you have written a piece of content and published it on internet then you can use Google Alerts to watch mentions of the article on forums, blogs or anywhere on the internet.

Watch For Guest Post Opportunities
Google alerts can be used to look for guest post opportunities as well; all you need to do is just setup your search query which includes terms to find a guest post opportunity, for example

“write a guest post” Digital Marketing
“write for us” Link Building

Watch Link Building opportunities
By using following terms you can set up alerts to find blog commenting opportunities which can be beneficial for link building:

digital marketing +”CommentLuv enabled”
email marketing +”CommentLuv enabled”

Watch For Your Website’s Security
By using Google alerts you can make your website secure, you need to set up a search query like this

site: ”” casino OR dating OR insurance OR mortgage OR poker

you can define any offensive term which you think is not right for your site’s authority.


How To Make Digital Marketing More Valuable?


From the time when the Internet was born, online marketing experts have started considering it as a worldwide research lab, and keep on trying daily new experiments to find out the set of laws that creates opportunities for sales and loyalty among the customers. Companies that have understood this, since its inception are now at the apex of online marketing and carefully carry out e-digitization as their central marketing strategy by changing their priorities and resources, and considerably remolding their procedures and expertise.

Digital Marketing

Through its in depth understanding and years of experience with numerous of companies shifting towards this emerging landscape, have ascertained that the most productive digital marketing company concentrate on managing four key digital activities so as to digital marketing campaign more valuable.

1. Coordinating website activities to occupy the consumer all the way through a gradually progressing digital buy journeying.

2. Harnessing interest in their brands by linking content that authorizes the user to create their own marketing individuality and, in the procedure, to work as a business representative.

3. Recognizing the need to consider and managing a stupefying change in the web content they create to introduce new products, sections, channels, and announcements.

Thus at last it can be stated that these marketers deliberately plan how to assemble and make use of all the digital information available in abundance. Go for effective online marketing agency to make your business more responsive, more dynamic, and speed up its revenue growth.

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Tremendous Books To Learn Digital Marketing

Internet world is changing rapidly, if you are away from web even for a day you can lose a lot. Everyday’s change in internet brings various new tactics and concepts which an online marketer needs to learn to compete with the other marketers, I don’t think it is that easy to learn each and every updated tactic and method. For that reason I researched about some books which can make learning digital marketing easy for us. Here are they:-

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  • Marketing in the Age of Google – Your Online Strategy is Your Business Strategy – Vanessa Fox

This book was published in May 2012; it contains short, insightful look at the state of search engine growth and business marketing trends. This book is awesome for organizations that haven’t yet jumped into digital marketing.

  • The $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau

How the digital world has changed business strategies over the past years; how the growth of a business has changed, that is the main questions have answered in this book. It is the 2nd book of author/blogger Chris Guillebeau.

  • Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation –  Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones

Ryan and Calvin presented various concepts of digital marketing in this book. The book shows you, in a comprehensive way, how to use the power of digital media and use it to get the utmost success for business, now and in upcoming years.