Learn SEO: Top 4 Best SEO Books

SEO ServicesReading books is a nice way to increase knowledge, though nowadays more people are using internet to learn something but sometimes conventional approach to learn something benefits us more than modern approach, by reading books you can get away from computer screen which helps your eyes to get relax from harmful rays of computer screen. If you are interested learning SEO from books then I have some best books which can help you to learn quality SEO.

The Link Building Book

This book is written by Paddy Moogan(a leading industry expert who works for Distilled), This book is all about link building techniques. This book elaborates various outstanding ways to build links.

The Art of SEO

This is considered one of the most popular and most detailed books about SEO, written by famous industry experts Eric Enge, Stephen Spencer, Rand Fishkin, and Jessica Stricchiolia. You can get a wide range of SEO techniques in this book. It has over 500 pages and covers every little thing you would need to know about SEO Services.

SEO Fitness Workbook

Jason McDonald is the author of this cool book which talks about practical SEO advice. The author, Jason McDonald, is also highly established with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.A from Harvard.

Advanced Web Metrics With Google Analytics

This book is written by Brian Clifton about Google Analytics, this is a great book for those really interested in understanding how to take advantage of this popular tool.


Four Ways To Get Super Quality Back Links

Best SEO CompanyBack links are very important in SEO industry; if you want a higher page rank and more traffic for your website then you needs to create back links but is creating back link easy? Well creating back links is easy but earning the links is not. Google’s penguin updates penalize d many websites which were using shady SEO practices. So now earning the quality links is the task to survive in SEO industry but how to get quality back links? Best SEO Company suggests some ways, here are they:-

Videos Sharing Sites

It is a great way to create links, you can use video clips to promote your website along with your website’s link. There are some great video sharing platforms like youtube.com, metacafe.com, dailymotion.com, vimeo.com etc. These website have huge traffic and PR, putting a link there is beneficial for your site.


Writing testimonials for the products and services you have used is a good way to get attention. When your testimonial gets displayed on that website you get a back link from there.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to build quality and relevant back links to your website. Many guest blogging platforms have high page rank, and publishing a post with a back link is certainly going to benefit your website.

Press Releases

Press release are intended to provide latest news in a little description to users and generally press release sites have good amount of traffic and high PR, if you submit a well written press release and gets it distributed to several news and press sites then you can get quality back link for free.


XML Sitemap: How Essential It Is For Your website?

XML-SitemapXML site map is a vital but often overlooked tool in SEO industry. Most of us are trying to ensure that a webpage finishes high in the SERPs without the XML Sitemap, which is a tough task because of such a huge competition. Many people are focusing on keywords, or creating back links and often overlooking sitemap, which is a big mistake.

What is an XML sitemap?

It is a list of URLs of your website which should be submitted to search engine in order to helps search engines find your site’s pages more easily. XML sitemap can also be used as a reference when choosing canonical URLs on your site.

An XML Sitemap is not an HTML sitemap. HTML sitemap was purely for search engines while the XML sitemap is mostly designed for human users.

Benefit of XML sitemap

  • XML sitemap provides a central place written in the XML protocol so all URLs can be found at one place.
  • Flash pages are comparatively difficult to get indexed on search engines because their content is not easy to be found by spiders but giving a sitemap show the search engine where and what is contained on those pages.
  • Search engine gives priority to rank higher at SERP to those websites which are easy to navigate and provide better user experience. A sitemap perfectly helps in making your site easily navigational to enhance user experience.

So you can see how essential an XML sitemap is to deliver better and Affordable SEO Services.  If you want to attract more visitors to your website that you creating an XML sitemap is a significant step. Don’t ignore this.