SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following [Part 2]

In previous post I discussed the first installment of  SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following. In this post I am going to discuss some more SEO methods, which are either not that much effective or no longer works.

SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop FollowingCloaking:- Cloaking is usually intended to completely fool the search engine’s algorithms and search engines hate that someone is making it fool; they ban sites that use cloaking. You must not do cloaking, a webpage should look same to both human and search engine.

Using a specific “density” of keywords:- This has already been useless for many years like meta description. Plugging keyword into content after every two sentences isn’t going to help you with the rank; SEO Company suggests creating quality content which is informative and user friendly.

Duplicate content on your site:- Low quality content and duplicate content, they are the nightmare of SEO these days, Google and other search engines don’t really give priority to this kind of content.

Excessive internal linking:-  I have seen this many times that people are using keywords as the anchor text and creating a lot of internal links. Creating internal links is a good and SEO friendly practice but excess amount of that will rank your website down. Search engines simply mark this down as spam.

Creating a website for search engines, not for humans:- Many people do this to acquire maximum revenue benefits; they create a website with a lot of ads, duplicate content, spam links etc. Google is making its search results more accurate and purposeful in which a human can find useful information. So you must create a website for human not for search engine.


SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following [Part 1]

SEO world changes rapidly, new tactics arrives in the field after every new Google algorithm version, so with the time and according to Top SEO Services guidelines we need to change our SEO strategy too. Here are some tactics which are old and you shouldn’t follow anymore:-

SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following

Congestion of keywords into the Meta Description: Meta Description is no longer used for rankings, but it can be used to display the small description below your link in search results which will show up to user and stuffing of keyword there will not attract user and search engine.

Putting a list of keywords in the page title: Stuffing of keyword is a bad tactic, you should make the page title descriptive or you should use your brand name there with significant keyword.

Optimizing Meta keywords: Nowadays there is no purpose to optimize meta keywords because search engines don’t consider them as a ranking factor at all.

Jamming keywords into heading tags: Using H1, H2, H3 tags with your targeted keyword is a good practice but you should only use them if keywords fit into these tags and make sense. You should not waste your time trying to get them into every single page.

Keywords in the alt tags of images: We all knows that search engine crawls alt tag not the image, putting a keyword there will not be a beneficial tactic while failure of loading image by browser, using descriptive alt tag while optimizing an image can give idea to user and search engine both about that image but a keyword cannot.

What After Posting A Blog Post?

Blogging is a fantastic way to promote your SEO company or product on internet. By blogging, we can build relationship with customers; we can provide valuable information there which can attract more visitors. But posting content on blog isn’t enough there is more to do to make a blog successful.


Here are few points which you should follow while blogging:-

Responding to comments on your blog posts: This is a nice way to engage community members and visitors to your blog; it also makes people feel welcomed.

Running a monthly link roundup: This way lets you summarize few of your best blog posts, this makes it easy for a user to find the best work you have provided.

Writing guest posts on high PR guest blogging platforms: This is an excellent way to promote your product/business as well as your expertise in a niche. There are many guest blogging platforms which can provide you a good start.

Accepting other people’s guest blogs: This way is very nice to pop up in the industry with fresh content for your blog with the help of other people.

Commenting on blogs: This way improves your blog’s visibility and traffic because it provides you a chance to put a back link, but make sure you leave a informative comment in a related niche.

Social sharing of your blog posts: This is very important, people should know about your work and social media is a free and powerful way to spread your content over web. This increases traffic for blog and visibility.