Four Ways To Get Super Quality Back Links

Best SEO CompanyBack links are very important in SEO industry; if you want a higher page rank and more traffic for your website then you needs to create back links but is creating back link easy? Well creating back links is easy but earning the links is not. Google’s penguin updates penalize d many websites which were using shady SEO practices. So now earning the quality links is the task to survive in SEO industry but how to get quality back links? Best SEO Company suggests some ways, here are they:-

Videos Sharing Sites

It is a great way to create links, you can use video clips to promote your website along with your website’s link. There are some great video sharing platforms like,,, etc. These website have huge traffic and PR, putting a link there is beneficial for your site.


Writing testimonials for the products and services you have used is a good way to get attention. When your testimonial gets displayed on that website you get a back link from there.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to build quality and relevant back links to your website. Many guest blogging platforms have high page rank, and publishing a post with a back link is certainly going to benefit your website.

Press Releases

Press release are intended to provide latest news in a little description to users and generally press release sites have good amount of traffic and high PR, if you submit a well written press release and gets it distributed to several news and press sites then you can get quality back link for free.

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Mobile SEO – Points to consider for an SEO company

Mobile SEO the next upcoming entity in the field of marketing and SEO organizations cannot afford to disregard this factor. Mobile internet growing at a fast rate, that mobile internet usage is in fact expected to overtake the desktop internet usage within the next few years.

In that case it is necessary for Best SEO Company to optimize the website for mobile phones as well so they can reach mobile users. Here are some points which should be considered by an SEO Company while doing mobile SEO:-

  • Size of the webpage:- Of course you cannot present the desktop version of your website on a mobile phone; you need to create a mobile version which fits to mobile phone’s screen accordingly.
  • Suitable media files:- Media like images, videos should be appropriate to mobile devices, a large image which is suitable for desktop PC wouldn’t be suitable for a mobile device because it will take time to load, this leads to a bad user experience.

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  • Version swap and Link to home page:- Website should give an option to swap between desktop version and mobile version so user also can visit the full version of your website on a mobile device, also every page of website should have a link to home page, and this makes it easy for a user to navigate to the page he/she started from.
  • Contact option:- Every webpage should have an option to ‘contact us’ so users call or send an email to your business easily by just one touch.
  • Social media links:- Most of the time users tend to use internet on mobile phone to access social media websites, so it is better to provide social sharing links on most of the interesting web pages, so users can share the content.